Summer Course 2019

!!Registration Started!!

Class 8th to 12th

Gauranga Academy is the best institute for summer course because they give nice facilities to the student in terms of both education and their stay.


They have all their faculties from IIT and NIT, who are in the batch of SUPER 30.

Above are the highly qualified teachers, who all have cracked the topmost competitive exam, and studied in NIT and IIT.They carry vast knowledge of their Subject. Like our Math teacher, he is from JNV sambalpur, one the topper of JNV sambalpur, who cracked all entrance in his time, starting from NEET, IIT, NIT and OUAT.He was a student of Super 30 Batch, from JNV sambalpur. And the Physics teacher, he is also from NIT Rourkela, did his 5 year Integrated MSC in Physics, after that he joined Coaching Classes in Pune, having taught 3-years Physics in pune, came to Odisha to teach JNV student and Started the Gauranga Academy.Likewise, we have many teachers who all are well qualified, and talented to teach the student both the concept and numerical, and all the teacher are friendly to the student, you can see them as your brother.


At Gauranga Academy they have unique pattern of teaching for summer course through which student can get the most out of it.

They have qualified teacher, who make the concept easy, so that the poor student can also capture the concept properly, also we provide them proper notes in the class, so that they can use it in school during preparation for exam score good mark. After the class, they have doubt clearing session for the students, who have doubt and they clear the doubt of each and every student by giving all of them time to ask and clarifies there doubt. After the class, daily they have Self-Study Session for the Student where they do self -study and practice the problem they give them every day based on what taught in the class in the morning, they called it DPP (DAILY PRACTICE PROBLEM) With that they conduct Weekly test for the student, where they give the same type of problem based on the Daily Practice problems, in the end of the week in Sunday, which will test the growth and understanding of the student and they message the results to the parents after the test.

Salient Feature :

  • Personal Classes for Weaker Class Students
  • Proper systematic approach to study method 
  • NBT :Numerical Based teachings
  • CBT: Conceptual based teachings
  • Follow up and Numerical task for whole year for JEE and Entrance.


All india level online test for the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya . 


We provide Free online test for Class 8th to 12th standard student from Jawahara Navodaya Vidyalya ,Which includes there board exams and for the preparation for JEE Mains/JEE Advance and Medical Exam.

As JNV terms and Condition don't allow Coaching outside ,So we are providing a platform,where they can learn the subject from us through summer and winter classes ,accordingly we will provide the online test series,which will cover all the chapters ,with differnent levels of questions.

So its a nice oppurtunity for the students to have this in their schools,for the benifits of the students.



The most important thing to conduct all above formula, they need to stay in one place, in care of the teacher, and in the supervision of the teacher.

One Roof Study

So they have their building in one place, Class and Hostel in one roof, so that they don't have to walk in the hot summer from one place to other to do the class, many a time its seen student bunk class due to staying far distance from the classroom and do lot of absences, so here in Gauranga academy they have their class and hostel in one place, so don’t have to walk a long distance in hot summer, and this saves your energy, which you can utilize for study and other fun activity.

Your Second Home

Gauranga Academy, A Home Away from Home, You will not feel any pressure like school to learn something, you were given much time to learn and do self-study and numerical.

Spacious Rooms

And we have nice new building for the students with much spacious 2 BHK apartments, in which 15–20 students stays in one apartment, with such 24 apartments in our building where they can stay without a problem of space for everything they want, starting from self-study. Also we have here clean bathrooms for the student and each apartment consist of 2 attached toilet and bathroom, which is cleaned in weekly basis.

Clean Environment

Also we keep, HIGHLY CLEAN ROOM for the student, where we daily broom the school premises and Corridor of the building and every weekend we have staff who goes to clean the rooms of the student so that they feel nice to study.

Best Food

Now coming to the food we provide, we have our own Hygienic kitchen and COOK, who will provide you the best of food to you, and the best thing, here they give food you like to eat, if requested to the caterer. They have four-time food serving, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SNACKS and DINNER, which is same as the Jawahar Navodaya Students get in the school.


Taste of Home

The Cook is a local of sambalpur,who is expert in cooking from last 15 years in different institute in sambalpur,we hire him for two month to give the best to the student ,so that they can feel as if cooked at home,not like the feeling of hostel.




For the Security of Student, mainly girls, we have Security guard who will always be in the premise of the academy, to see there is no glitch in any security ISSUE for the students studying here.

Also we provide, a girls WARDEN to tackle the problem related to girls and interacted with them, so that they don’t feel insecure to discuss about the problem. And we have separate hostel for both the girls and boys so that there will be no free mixing and all which will hamper the study of the student in general.


So many students go to summer to have fun and freedom from the school life and stay in the outside world so in mean time in the try to have fun they lose the study and started getting demotivated latter in class, when other do well, so we integrated the fun with academic, so that they will enjoy the freedom without loss of study.


We have a huge playground in our premises for CRICKET, FOOTBALL &, BADMINTON for the student, so that they can play any games during the free time, without hampering the classes


Outside Visit

As all knows, Navodayans Stay inside the premises of school with lot of restriction to go outside of school and have much burden following the schedule of morning class and Residuals Classes, we here give little freedom to the students to go outside in a particular time, which is during free time like in evening 4:00 to 6:00 when there will be no Classes, and we allow them with the permission of warden and entry in register


Every Weekend we will show the student movies or if the demand during the afternoon time we will show the movies, mainly educational and inspirational movie, which will help them to get motivated towards doing something higher in the life, like Taare Zameen par,3 IDIOTS etc.

Free Annual Summer Picnic

Last but not the list ,we take all the participant to a annual closing picnic to the student to places like KOLKATA,MAYAPUR,GAYA,MUMBAI,DELHI,HARIDWAR and many other place ,which we give them free of cost, which is the big day for the student of Jawahar Navodaya student, they come to see the beauty of India ,by visiting many places ,they have never been to, and we promise we never repeat the same place again next five year ,so if they come from 9th class all summer they can visit nice places in there 3 year summer Coaching .So Miss all but don’t miss the Study tour and that too free.


Click the link(2018 Picnic Gallery):MAYAPUR,KOLKATA 2018 PICNIC GALLERY 




We give teaching from the Scripture of Ancient India, for the Benefits of students though our expert speaker. Here is Gauranga Academy, we also provide some teachings to the student from the Scripture of Ancient India like Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata, which will help them in their life as well as in their studies. They have 45-minute time every day in the morning for yoga, meditation and some teachings from Bhagavad Gita, which is the best book to learn something in life and use it in proper time.


At Gauranga Academy,we keep daily two hour time for children sports ,like cricket,volley or football ,daily either in the morning or evening ,so that they can enjoy the most the summer with out losing the unnecessary time in roaming here and there.

All this activity is done with out any disturbance in the study of students,because with education,student need some fun,so we cover over all everything for the student so that ,in the mode of enjoying they don't get deviated from education.

So your children future is in our hand ,just you need to be inclined to take the admission in our institute ,registration starting this december for the summer course.